Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blog Hiatus Comeback Giveaway!

LINK TO GIVEAWAY: ( http://www.genzelkisses.com/blog-hiatus-comeback-giveaway.html )

Here are the products that you can win!  2 Winners, each will get:
Gluta White & Firm Lotion
Gluta White & Firm Facial Cream
Gluta White & Firm Facial Wash
Gluta White & Firm Deodorant
Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 80
Dermplus Ultimate Sunblock SPF130
Dermplus SunBlock Kids
Dermplus Sunblock Sachets (6)

Now for the mechanics
Just follow the mandatory tasks in the raffle app below. Failure to do any of the mandatory tasks will invalidate all your entries so please strictly follow the easy mechanics. You can also do the optional tasks to gain more entries but not necessary.

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