Wednesday, December 10, 2014



I've been receiving early Christmas gifts since last week. Gifts are fun – who doesn't like gifts, anyway?! – but what I love most about receiving gifts from people I've known through my blog is the fact that they actually remembered me and that they support my blog. You get to meet a lot of people online and in events.. but you can't possibly remember, let alone keep in touch with, everybody.

As I was saying, last week I received this package from the marketing people behind Vitress, Ms. Marcie Linao and Ms. Nicole Romero, both of which I've personally met during events. The package was quite heavy. The heavier package = the giddier I get. HAHA!
I got all the Vitress variants, a pretty metallic makeup pouch and a pink-and-black hairdryer that is "so Vitress". I love the color combination! And oh, there was also another gift in a small black box. I was so touched by the gesture that I immediately thought of sharing it with my readers. Plus, I already have a couple of Vitress bottles from my previous BDJ Box. I think I have more than enough to go around. :)

Also, my birthday is just around the corner so instead of asking for more birthday gifts, I'd rather be the one giving out gifts this time around. How's that sound? Just a small gesture to show my readers that I, too, appreciate your support. *hearts everywhere!* <3
One (1) lucky winner will win this VITRESS GIFT PACK plus A SPECIAL GIFT FROM ME! Clue: It has nothing to so with hair.. it's mostly makeup products. :) I'm sure you'll love it! I'll show you the possible prizes next week. <3

This giveaway will be open for 2 weeks starting today. It will end on December 19, and the announcement of winner will be on this same post. This is open to those with Philippine address which means that even if you're in a different country but you know someone here, I can send it to their address. <3 That's about it. Good luck and I'll see you on my next post. :)

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