Sunday, July 13, 2014

{OPEN TO ENTER} Skinfoodian’s Giveaway

Welcome to my second giveaway of  Skinfoodian



There will be 3 winners and the prize is the winner’s own choice. There’ll be Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3. The first place winner will be able to choose freely between Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3 and the second place winner will left with only 2 choice (2 boxes left) and lastly the third place winner only can pick what’s 


If you’re confuse about the Rafflecopter, I will explain it here. 
1. Enter Your Details Here. 
So you’ll have to enter your details here and the details that I needed are your name (real name), e-mail (contactable ones) and lastly your blog’s URL (YOU MUST HAVE A BLOG/at least facebook). THIS IS MANDATORY.
2. Follow Me On Tumblr (skinfoodian). 
This is not really mandatory as some of you might don’t have a Tumblr so this totally up to you want to follow me or not. If you follow me, you’ll get a +5. Please include your Tumblr’s URL so I can check. 
3. Like Zyroxx on Facebook.
THIS IS MANDATORY and you’ll get +10 if you like my Facebook page. I will be updating my page more than my Tumblr so I feel like you can follow up with me better on Facebook than on Tumblr. 
4. Reblog The Giveaway! 
This is not mandatory and only for Tumblr’s users. Definitely no giveaway blogs! After you’ve reblog, please include the URL/link. +3 will be given for each reblog. STRICTLY ONLY ONE REBLOG EACH DAY. 
5. Make a post about this giveaway!
This is not mandatory and open to Tumblr/Blogspot/Wordpress/etc users. Make a post about this giveaway and it’s totally up to you what to say on that post. You’ll get +3 for this. YOU CAN ONLY MAKE ONE POST EACH DAY. This is an alternative option if you don’t have a Tumblr to reblog. Enter your blog’s URL so I can check. 
6. Sidebar
Put the Giveaway’s Sidebar on your blog. This is not mandatory too but you’ll get +4 for doing so. The codes are given above. You can pick one from the given sidebars to put on your blog. Please enter your blog’s url so I can check. 
7. Leave a comment on this Giveaway’s post! (Disqus)
If you have a Disqus, or if you don’t have one, you can create one and leave a comment to get another extra entries. By leaving a comment on your opinion about my blog will let you have +4. This is not mandatory. Please enter your Disqus username so I can check.
8. Tweet about the Giveaway.
Tweet about this giveaway and you’ll get +3. This is not mandatory. STRICTLY JUST ONE TWEET EACH DAY. I will check. 
9. Like/reblog my other post(s). 
I’m thinking of other way to let you have more entries so here it is. Like or reblog any of my other post(s) (you can like/reblog more than one post) but strictly just one like and one reblog each day. You’ll only get +1 for this. This is not mandatory. 
10. Share about this Giveaway on Facebook. 
Share about this Giveaway by clicking the share button on this post : 
Strictly only one share each day. Enter your Facebook’s name so I can check. You’ll get +4 for this and this is not mandatory. 
11. Get a friend to join this giveaway. 
Get a friend (just one) to join this giveaway (your friend must be joining this giveaway too) and enter his/her name/e-mail. You’ll get +1 for this and this is not mandatory. 
E-mail me at zyrooo@hotmail for the code!  

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